Kelcie Mack graduated from Salisbury University, in Maryland, receiving her BFA with a concentration in painting. She currently lives in Baltimore, MD and works at the Walters Art Museum as a museum educator. She hopes to continue her education and receive her masters in the coming years.


For me, painting is about the pleasure of seeing. As I view the subject, I encourage new forms to be revealed, and persuade implied lines to take the lead role. I am in awe of the process. Reimagining space as I explore the way the subject and I interact, as well as the subject’s interactions with its surroundings. Furniture is particularly appealing to me as it holds so much character and invites me to imagine the potential of every curve and form.

My preliminary drawings become my primary reference as I paint, establishing the direction of the painting. This method allows the subject to experience two periods of interpretation, inevitably permitting the subject to go beyond its exact nature. I take liberties with the form, abandoning accuracy in order to ensure that the composition functions as a whole. As I paint, I often imagine the subjects to have a quality of liveliness that elevates them to a level beyond their mere utility.